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Fine Shinning Mettalic Pens

Fine Shinning Mettalic Pens

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Bring out the artist in you with FineShine Pens, the set of metallic acrylic markers that will make your creations shine! Offered in assorted packs of 6, 12, 18 or 24, you'll have a range of vibrant colors with dazzling metallic effects to choose from - from deep black to gleaming gold and shimmering silver.

With an extra-fine 0.7mm tip, these pens are perfect for precise details, while the 2.0mm fine tip allows for broad, expressive coverage. Whether for delicate lines or chunky fills, these markers offer versatility for all your artistic needs.

FineShine Markers are multifunctional, suitable for a wide range of surfaces including rocks, metals, ceramics, treated wood, plastics, canvas, fabrics, paper and polymer clay. Ideal for drawings, detailed crafts, and DIY projects, these pens let you create striking works of art, personalizing mugs and gifts that will surprise and delight your loved ones.

To maintain the perfection of your art, the dual tip of FineShine Pens is designed to keep ink flowing smoothly. If ink residue remains on the tip after use, a simple circular motion on a paper will eliminate the excess, ensuring that each application is as perfect as the last. Shine with FineShine and transform the ordinary into extraordinary!

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