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metalikart line pens - metallic shine for arts and crafts

metalikart line pens - metallic shine for arts and crafts

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Discover the magic of metallic shine with our ArtísticaMetal Set. Perfect for adding a special touch to your projects, these pens offer exceptional control for 1.0mm strokes, ideal for highlighting details that aren't extremely small. Glide gently and watch the paper come to life with a sparkling, enchanting shine. These pens are a true jewel for embellishing the most varied crafts, marking light and dark surfaces with a shiny and highly visible metallic finish.

With 12 vibrant metallic colors, your writing, decorating, scribbling, drawing or coloring will stand out, even on colored or dark paper. Each color is intensely eye-catching, injecting creativity and fun into every object touched by the sparkling paint.

Manufactured with the highest quality, ArtísticaMetal pens have water-based, opaque, acidic and toxin-free metallic ink, respecting the environment and ensuring safety for prolonged use. With an ergonomic design, they ensure comfort without the need to shake before use - unlike many ink pens.

Versatile and ready to use on almost any surface - from dark papers to scrapbook projects, bullet journals, cards, wood, plastic and more - they are ideal for decorating Easter eggs, Halloween pumpkins, rock paintings and anything else. surface as your imagination desires. Offer the ArtísticaMetal Set as a gift and share the joy of creating with quality and shine!

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