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duoart pens - permanent metallic double tips for all surfaces

duoart pens - permanent metallic double tips for all surfaces

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Unleash your creativity with the versatility of DuoArt Markers Pens! With dual tips - medium and brush - and a range of 36 permanent metallic colors, these pens are the perfect tool to bring any project to life. Whether in stones, metals, ceramics, treated wood, plastics, canvas, fabrics, paper and much more, DuoArt guarantees smooth application and limitless artistic expression.

The superior quality of these pens makes them stand out from the crowd. With vivid ink that resists water, doesn't fade and dries quickly, your artwork will remain vibrant and intact for a long time. Furthermore, they are safe and non-toxic, with no unpleasant odors, ensuring a healthy artistic experience for artists of all ages. However, it is recommended to avoid direct contact with food.

Looking for the ideal gift? DuoArt Markers Pens are an excellent choice for those who want to give gifts with creativity and uniqueness. Perfect for decorating holiday projects, such as Christmas crafts, Halloween decorations, birthdays, Children's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, parties and New Year's. With DuoArt, every gift will become a special and lasting artistic keepsake.

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