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13x13cm Animal Planet Stencils - 16pcs

13x13cm Animal Planet Stencils - 16pcs

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Spark your child's imagination and enhance their art with our kids craft stencil kit. You will enjoy creating an amazing new image and have good imagination and creativity. Feel free to make it bright and colorful like in the photo or tone it down - it's up to you!

Gift Preparation: You can prepare these stencils for making festival gifts, to help you create vivid patterns on gifts, when finished, send to your friends, family and others as gifts on birthdays, festivals and other occasions.

The animal stencils are perfect for DIY projects like school project and drawing tools, select patterns and kids love them.It can be used for pigment painting, stamping, scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, fabric painting, wall decoration and so on.

Whether you have experience or not, see what you can do with our painting stencils:

✅ Renew furniture
✅ Decorate the stairs
✅ Decorate walls
✅ paint shirts
✅ paint on pictures

And much more! Use your imagination to create true works of art, even if you have zero experience with painting!

Material: Safe Eco-Friendly Plastic Size: 13x13cm (1cm=0.39 inch) Usage: Stencil for wall, painting, scrapbooking, bakery etc. Quantity: 16pcs

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